Today, the question is not whether to use the cloud or not, but what to use the cloud for. We can help you answer that question.

We know that starting a cloud journey can seem overwhelming. What should be moved to the cloud and what should be stored locally or in a data centre? What about the financial aspect? How much control do you have of a cloud environment? And what about security and governance?

If your business is switching from local infrastructure to the cloud, you probably have a lot of questions and may be feeling out of your depth.

Don’t worry – Mansoft’s cloud specialists are here to help

Whether you’re heading out on your big cloud journey or just want to “dip your toes on in the water”, Mansoft’s cloud specialists are here to help.

Planning: We help you identify exactly which services should be moved to the cloud and which services are better to be stored locally.

Security and governance: Security and governance are key issues when moving data and processes to the cloud. We can provide guidance on the necessary policies and security procedures for your business and data.

Migration: We help you with the migration – whether you just want to move a file server or the whole data centre to the cloud. We know the pitfalls and can therefore avoid them in order to ensure a smooth transition.

Operation and optimisation: We can help with the subsequent operation and ongoing optimisation of your cloud solutions if needed by performing analyses and monitoring performance – and help you scale your solution as needed.

We know the cloud

Cloud Storage: How can you effectively use the cloud to store your data so that it is easy to access no matter where your users are or which device they are using? We can help you find the right solution and create the right framework.

Security: Protect your data with advanced cloud security solutions. We can help with a wide range of Microsoft security solutions, such as Microsoft Security Center, Key Vault, Azure DDoS Protection, AIP and Application Gateway.

Networking: Is your business spread over many locations? Does your business need redundant data paths so that you’re always connected – no matter what happens? Cloud networking might be the solution for you. With the cloud, you can be sure to get stable connections on secure networks.

Hybrid and multi-cloud solutions: Whether you use different cloud providers or a mix of the cloud and your local infrastructure, we can help you secure your entire system and optimise solutions so that everything runs smoothly.

Identity and security: It must be secure to move your data to the cloud. We use Azure’s advanced security solutions to help ensure that your data and resources are secure in the cloud.

Databases: We are experts in migrating databases to the cloud with Azure SQL, and can advise you on the best solutions and methods for doing so.

Backup: Get a secure and cost-effective backup solution that can easily be scaled to your needs. Defining backup policies is an easy and effective way to protect company data.