It does not have to be difficult when you deploy software to the clients in your organization - it can be done in a way that makes the work more efficient in the IT department, make the users more satisfied and productive and increases security.

Deployment of applications is not a priority in many IT departments. Most often it is not a high priority job even though both security and user experience are going to lag.

/ S is not always the best solution

If you need to roll out software to many clients, it can be tempting to use "silent mode" or "/ S" as many applications offer for installation without user intervention, but this is not always the best solution.

For users, this may require them to spend time configuring their software, reinstalling or updating plugins, entering license numbers, and so on.

Your support is overwhelmed by calls and inquiries when the software does not work as users are used to.

MECM and other endpoint management tools can help you part of the way in pushing applications and updates out to your users, but they are no better than what you put into them.

Efficient software deployment

Efficient software deployment is about doing things quickly, securely and without disturbing users more than absolutely necessary.

At Mansoft, we are experts in packaging and software deployment:

Based on your environment and application bank, we advise you on the best way to do things.

Together we find a strategy for software deployment based on your applications and needs.

We make sure that the software is ready for deployment at the intervals we have agreed and deliver software packages that can be used in all endpoint management systems - such as SCCM / MECM.

There is full documentation, and you can continuously follow the development in Mansoft's documentation system.

Your benefits of Application Management

Get the latest security patches: All software needs to be updated from time to time and many updates close critical security holes that cybercriminals may otherwise use.

Make users more satisfied and productive: If software and updates are not deployed properly, it means disruption to users and perhaps applications they cannot use or need to reconfigure.

Do it efficiently: "Silent mode" installation may be an easy way to get updates and software out to users - but it is not the right method.