We can’t talk about digital transformation without mentioning Microsoft’s solutions, Microsoft 365 and Office 365. For many organisations, these solutions are the first steps towards new ways of working. They provide you with collaboration tools, applications that increase productivity and a comprehensive security package.

In order to take full advantage of Microsoft 365 and Office 365, you need the right technical foundation – and Mansoft can help you with that.

Lay the foundation for the correct solution

Set-up: We can help you set up Microsoft 365, so you have the right access to the applications you need.

Security: Security is an integrated part Microsoft 365, which offers a wide range of options for securing your company’s data. We help you with set-up and configuration to enable your employees to work securely and efficiently.

Licences: Due to the broad selection of Microsoft 365 plans available, it can be difficult to figure out which one is right for you. We provide guidance on the different plans and licence types, so you get the solution that creates the most value for your business.

Policies and governance: Microsoft 365 and Office 365 represent a wide range of opportunities – which means there are also many opportunities for something to go wrong. Fortunately, there are many ways to secure information through policies and governance. We can help you protect sensitive data – without getting in the way of your daily work.

Get the most out of your applications

There is a wide range of applications in Microsoft 365 and Office 365 – and a wide range of opportunities. We help you with the set-up and configuration of the applications that can help in your everyday life.

  • Teams: We help with configuration, access and set-up, so you can get the full benefit of Microsoft Teams – with none of the hassle.
  • Office apps: Configure your Office apps to work optimally with other applications in Microsoft 365.
  • Exchange Online: We can help you set up and migrate data in connection with use of Exchange Online.
  • Encryption: If you need to send encrypted emails, we can set up Office 365 Message Encryption.
  • Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD): WVD is a virtual desktop that provides access to the full Windows 10 interface on any device or in any browser. We set up WVD, so your employees can work wherever they are and with any device.
  • OneDrive: OneDrive is more than just a cloud storage option for data. There are many ways you can use OneDrive to share and collaborate. Let us help you get started.
  • SharePoint: We configure SharePoint so that you get the most out of the application.