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Skilled supporter made the client feel secure from the start

DAB is an administration company that since 1942 has administered housing for public housing companies and municipalities throughout the country. Since February 2022, DAB has had a collaboration with Mansoft, as DAB's internal support could not keep up with the number of tasks that came in.

“We had a supporter from Mansoft who only needed a very short training. It was a really good experience with a supporter who shined from the start, solved tasks within as well as outside the scope of the task itself. The supporter's way of handling the task created a secure feeling from the start," says Henrik Nefling, IT manager at DAB.

Mansoft's supporter helped with 1st level support, "walk-in" where users came by and he had to solve problems with their PC, as well as "walk-out" where he had to carry out support at different locations.

“Patrick did the job so well that we chose to extend the agreement for another month, and we would have gladly extended it further, but Patrick had to go back to school" says Henrik Nefling and he continues "It wasn't just the high technical quality, which Patrick carried out, but also that he was sociable, open and dutiful.”

At Mansoft, we have a clear mantra. We want to have the most skilled IT supporters on the market. That is why we train them continuously so that they always carry around extra skills. In fact, we like to say that you get 1½ IT supporter by choosing an employee from Mansoft.




HOFOR works closely with Mansoft on MSI packaging of software, delivery of the SCCM front-end system "SoftwareCentral", and provision of interim consultants in connection with ongoing projects to update and maintain HOFOR’s IT operations.  “When we have so many clients, it’s absolutely critical that things run smoothly and that we do not spend too much time on slow processes and long delivery times.” Peter Tvermoes – Head of Section, IT Support and Dennis Kaya – Client Management Specialist.


Restructuring our IT system resulted in a better utilisation of labour

KVUC, Copenhagen’s Adult Education Centre, has collaborated with Mansoft for the past four years. KVUC has approximately 1500–2000 clients and is therefore dependent on standardising processes to reduce the workload of IT managers.

“We had a consultant from Mansoft who was responsible for restructuring part of our IT system in the form of installing two SCCM 2012 servers. After the restructuring, we have really felt the full potential of SoftwareCentral. I am positively surprised at how well it works and how great a help it is in my everyday life,” says Nagip Ameti, who is an IT manager at KVUC.

“The consultants are extremely skilled, they really know what they are doing and talking about, and they are also super friendly. I would definitely recommend Mansoft to other companies. They are friendly, fast and not least damn good at what they do,” Nagip Ameti concludes.


Implementation of SoftwareCentral improved our internal IT processes

At the end of 2015, Synoptik started a collaboration with Mansoft after Synoptik had a SCCM update project in tender. Synoptik chose to implement SoftwareCentral in connection with the SCCM update project. SoftwareCentral has improved the company’s internal IT processes and provided a better IT service in the stores.

Synoptik also chose to use Mansoft’s software packages in connection with the SoftwareCentral Plus package bank.

“We did a little test with two other companies that we were considering, and Mansoft delivered a better result than the other two. Mansoft has a larger catalogue of software for SoftwareCentral that we’ve been able to benefit from. We are very positive about the high frequency on the standard packages. They arrive pretty quickly after they have been released from the manufacturers,” says Carsten Nygaard, Synoptik’s Service Delivery Manager.